How to stop donations from UNICEF in Indonesia it is very easy

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How do I stop donations from UNICEF Indonesia? For those of you who are currently a regular donator in Unicef Indonesia and then you want to stop to donate there, then please see the article that the authors of this share this time to completion. Here the author will discuss in detail related matters relating to UNICEF Indonesia. So, the author hope this article can help all of you who do intend to stop donations at UNICEF or maybe for those of you who are looking to know about UNICEF.

Here, the author will not only discuss on how to unsubscribe UNICEF. However, the author will discuss starting from what is UNICEF, what is the purpose, how to join there, etc. Therefore, please and read slowly and that certainly should not be missed. Why don’t you miss it? Because it could be a part that you missed is an important part of the article content that we discussed this time.
Alright, let’s start our discussion this time!


UNICEF is a United Nations organization that is deliberately formed with the aim to help the welfare of children and their mothers in developing countries. UNICEF itself is a member of the United Nations Development Group, headquartered in New York City.

In Indonesia, UNICEF has been around since 1948 which initially focuses on providing emergency assistance to prevent hunger on the island of Lombok.
So, the age is indeed a very long time this UNICEF is in our country Indonesia. If we are counting, this means UNICEF is already standing and working on its work program in Indonesia for 71 years.

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What are the purposes of UNICEF?

It has been very obvious from the previous explanation that UNICEF has a purpose to help the welfare of children, including his mother, who desperately needs help.
Over the next few decades, UNICEF’s involvement has expanded and covered a wider program area – all aimed at helping Indonesia realize the rights of children and women.
Today, UNICEF’s programs are driven by a commitment to fairness – providing a fair opportunity in life for every child, anywhere, especially the most harmed.
So, although the scope of the UNICEF program may have changed over time, but the organization’s primary mandate is still not achieved.

How to join in UNICEF Indonesia?

For those of you who are still not joining into a donator at UNICEF and have a desire to join there, then the way is very easy once.
Those who have already joined in to become donors at UNICEF, some of them are directly visited by UNICEF staff or employees and some directly register through the official UNICEF Indonesia website. If you are not sure how to donate there, then you can come directly to the office which is located at:

World Trade Center 6, 10th floor
Jalan jendral Sudirman Kav. 31
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia

However, if you are already sure 100% to become a donator in Unicef, then you can register online through the site When you visit the page or site, it will be shown a choice of donation types that you can choose. There are two types of donations that we can choose from there, namely child donation and one-time donation.
If you find that you intend to donate only once, then please select one time donation type. After that, you just need to specify the Nominal donation you want to give. Learn more about how to join a donor at UNICEF, you can see here.

How to stop donations at UNICEF Indonesia

It’s time now we discuss how to stop donations at UNICEF Indonesia. As the title of our article this time, that to stop donations at UNICEF was very easy once. How? The trick is to contact the service number of the donator provided by UNICEF. Here are some of the donor service contacts that you can use if you want to stop donations at UNICEF:

  • Phone: (021) 8066 2100
  • Email:

Well, maybe that’s what the author can tell you about how to stop UNICEF donation in Indonesia. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. Oh Yes, if you feel this article could be beneficial and help a lot of people, then please share this article as much as you can yes. Thank.

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