The Purpose and Objectives of the Pusdiklat Pemendagri

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For those of you who are currently looking for information regarding Info Bimtek Pusdiklat Pemendagri 2019, please read this article to completion.
Before we go into the discussion regarding Information Technology Training Information Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture of 2019, we will first discuss the Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

info bimtek pusdiklat pemendagri Tahun 2019

Overview of the Bimtek Pusdiklat Pemendagri 2019

Pusdiklat Pemendagri Moves in Education and Training (Diklat), Workshop, Technical Guidance (Bimtek), Procurement of goods and services, Study Appeals / Comparative Study, In House Training and Seminars for government agencies both the Executive, Legislative and private sectors are supported by professionals from various disciplinary backgrounds as well as experience in their respective fields.

The Purpose and Objectives of the Pusdiklat Pemendagri

The Education Ministry Education and Training Center activity aims to assist government programs in increasing HR productivity and socializing and synchronizing government policies with the industrial world, and vice versa, industry players can provide input and contributions to the government.

Vision & Mission of the Pusdiklat Pemendagri

A. Vision
The following are some of the visions of the Education Ministry Education and Training Center:

  • Realizing sustainable development of Human Resources (HR), as well as community empowerment that is participatory, supported by professional apparatus resources.
  • Reflecting a desire and aspiration to be at the forefront in continuing the organization’s journey as a driving force for change in the implementation of education and non-formal training in a better direction,
  • Reflecting an organizational commitment as a driving element and motivated to become better, which must be synergize with other driving elements in a complete system.

B. Mission
The following are some of the Missions of the Education Ministry Education and Training Center:

  • Encouraging the improvement of resource capacity through Technical Guidance (Bimtek), / Socialization, Encouraging the improvement of education and training (Diklat), Socialization, and understanding of information;
  • Together with the community and other institutions contribute to the creation of a clean and authoritative government;
  • Improve community empowerment through public consultation on every policy that will be implemented, and encourage the birth of initiative, creativity and independence in the community;
  • Increase human resources through training conducted

What material will we get from this Bimtek?

  • Head of Finance and Village Treasurer
  • Structure of the Village Financial Manager Power Holder
  • The Principle of Managing Village Finance
  • Etc

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